For Media
Guide on application for
Kamikatsu-cho’s Zero Waste Policy coverage

If you are inquiring for a media interview/visit,
we can accommodate your requests only in Japanese and English.

Points to note
before application

Please make your own arrangements for guides in languages ​​other than English.

Our coverage is limited to business operators with a media presence, such as TV, radio, newspapers, books (excluding self-publishing), and media presence on the Internet.
All other applicants, such as those for individual field trips are requested to apply through the ▶︎Inspection Counter

Application for coverage and flow of coverage
Please apply using the application form at least one month prior to the desired date of coverage.
Items such as the schedule and details will be discussed once your application is received.
An outline of Kamikatsu-cho’s Zero Waste Policy will be provided at the Kamikatsu-cho Town Hall on the first day of coverage.
Commencement of coverage
Media staff may visit institutions, such as administrative bodies and offices by themselves,
but a supervisor should always be present when the media staff visits the homes of local residents.
Coverage fee
We will provide introduction to
administrative bodies and offices free of cost. Coverage of local residents (including negotiations and attendance by supervisors) will incur a fee.

※The fee for negotiating coverage with
 local residents is 25,000 yen.
 There would be an additional fee of
 10,000 per additional home.

Obtaining approval for the desired research and coverage of local residents
includes arranging the schedule, attendance on the day, monetary gift to local residents

photographs, etc.
We provide photographs and movies owned by the Town Hall free of cost. Please submit an application for a usage license.
Apart from this, please inquire about photographs taken by our town’s photographer (paid).
Coverage Acceptance Status
Movement within Kamikatsu-cho requires a car. Roads within the town are narrow mountain roads and many roads do not have guard rails. If you are concerned about driving, please use the Kamikatsu-cho paid volunteer transport (Tel: +81-90-7627-4455).
The recommended accommodation within the town is the Tsukigatani Onsen Tsukinoyado. This hotel is eco-friendly and works hard to undertake measures, such as segregating resources by their own criteria apart from the 45 categories. The hotel also caters for vegetarians. Please advise the hotel about your meal choices at the time of your reservation.
ーTown informationー
Please browse through Kamikatsu-cho’s official website for tourist information, such as sightseeing spots including rice paddies and ravines as well as places to eat and drink.


Supervisor: Masataka Sakamaki

Tel: +81-90-5821-6231 

We can't speak English.Japanese only.