What is zero waste?

“Zero waste” means the elimination of waste and garbage.
It does not refer to treating garbage but refers to a way of thinking that holds not emitting
garbage in the first place as its guiding principle.


Current treatment of garbage

Do you know how garbage is treated?
This can be broken up into three main processes: landfill, incineration, and recycling.
However, each process has its own drawbacks.



A rigorously managed final disposal site ensuring non-leakage of toxic substances is required. Obviously, there are limits to the maximum permitted level. There is only a little residual capacity left at the current final disposal site. If this were to be constructed near your home, would you agree?



Things that can still be used are disappearing. CO2 is also emitted. To reduce the volume of garbage that is put into landfill at the final disposal site, almost everything in Japan is incinerated. While relying on the import of many resources, we are consuming and burning them without hesitation. That is the reality.



Recycling to reduce incineration and landfill. However, it is cumbersome to recycle plastics because they should be washed thoroughly. There are also issues of excessive costs and use of energy associated with transport and recycling.
And now what has become a problem is marine plastic waste.
There is a great deal of garbage in the world that is neglected and not recovered.


Aiming for a zero waste world

Only “treating” garbage will not solve the problem.
Therefore, we are aiming for a society that does not generate garbage.
Links between consumers, business operators, and administrative bodies is important for this.
Purchase products in a way that does not produce garbage.
Ask producers to use techniques that do not generate garbage.
Create products that can be reused and recycled.
Develop materials able to decompose in nature.
Create systems that rotate resources.
Legislate to stop garbage creation.
Aim to eliminate “incineration and landfill” treatment.


In a zero waste society

There is virtually nothing that becomes garbage and
it is possible to live comfortably and stress-free.

Resources are rotated and enrich someone’s life,
and the beautiful world will continue forever.

We are aiming for such a zero waste society.