Kamikatsu-cho Town Hall Initiatives

At Kamikatsu-cho Town Hall,
various measures are being considered and
implemented by local residents and experts to reduce garbage.
Zero Waste Declaration
On September 19, 2003, as agreed unanimously by the town councilor, we became the first local government in Japan to develop the concept of Zero Waste Declaration. Several like-minded people have gathered and continued to campaign for zero waste to change how garbage is processed in Japan.
We also treasure the links to other local governments that have followed Kamikatsu-cho in developing the Zero Waste Declaration.
Zero Waste Promotion Fund
In 2004, the Kamikatsu-cho Zero Waste Promotion Fund Ordinance was enacted with the aim of promoting zero waste-related businesses in the town. Your donations and profits gained from the sale of resources by sorting are accumulated in the fund. To date, the funds have been used to purchase reusable tableware and act as a means of monetary support for the Chiritsumo Point Campaign (a system for earning points by sorting miscellaneous paper, etc. and exchanging them for daily necessities).
Zero Waste Town Plan
The initiative to date was evaluated in 2016 and the Zero Waste Town Plan was formulated to create a beautiful and sustainable future.
A roadmap was created for the target year (2020) in three areas: zero waste garbage, living with zero waste, and zero waste education and advocacy.
Zero Waste Promotion Council
In 2018, we launched the Zero Waste Promotion Council for the local government and a cross section of local residents to consider measures.
Currently, its members are primarily from the Town Hall’s Planning and Environment Division, Gomi Station (garbage collection center) staff, zero waste advocates, and the Zero Waste Academy.
Chiritsumo Point Campaign
In the Chiritsumo Point Campaign, which saves resources from incineration, a point earned by sorting miscellaneous paper, etc., can be exchanged for daily necessities, with a lottery once a month, where 10 people receive 1,000 yen gift coupons.
This is a visible return to local residents who have made an effort in sorting garbage.
Zero Waste Advocates
In 2014, we appointed zero waste advocates who consult with local residents about garbage and undertake activities, such as promoting new measures.
As of April 2020, seven advocates have been involved in activities such as explaining the use of cloth diapers and the no shopping bag campaign, thereby supporting the zero waste movement behind the scenes.
Initiatives in government buildings
At Kamikatsu-cho Town Hall, in addition to the promotion of garbage sorting activity, we are advocating zero waste measures, such as reuse of office supplies, introduction of reusable original envelopes, gradual phase out of the use of envelopes with cellophane windows, and use of teapots and cups rather than disposable cups during meetings. All of these initiatives have a visible impact in people’s everyday lives. In addition, we are also working toward conservation of energy through measures such as replacing electric hot water dispensers with heat-insulated pots and turning off lights during lunch breaks.